Evaluation criteriasof the "New Idea" startup competition are as follows:


Project Team Indicators:

  • Professionalism of the members;
  • Having a team member with technical skills and professional experience;
  • Previous successful results and actual references of the project team

Innovation and technological innovation of the product (or service)

  • Technological-innovative features, benefits and advantages of the proposed product or service, as well as the differences between these indicators


Market and competition

  • Market strategy of the project;
  • Dimensions, coverage and requirements of the target market;
  • Preferences for product (or service) competitors in the global and local markets;
  • Availability of existing users or clients.


Business Model

  • Business model of the project;
  • Investment opportunities of the project so far.



1. Individuals participate in the "New Ideas VI" startup competition, who want to build their own company with the idea of innovative business

2. Previous winners of  "New Idea" startup competition have not been able to participate in the "New Idea VI" startup competition.