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What is new idea?

New Idea Competition (NYC) is a project organized by Baku Engineering University Technopark (BEU Technopark). The project is getting implemented in order to support the development of innovative entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, it stimulates entrepreneurship among youth, which leads to the quality improvement at scientific researches, as well as personnel training. NYC plays a bridge role between enterprising youth and business world. NYC partakes once a year. At the contest not only can Baku Engineering University cadre participate, but all the youth living in the Republic of Azerbaijan as well.

Being distinguished by innovative approaches in different fields in the development of education in Azerbaijan, Baku Engineering University initiated an innovation through technopark activity. BEU Technopark has been formed according to international experience. NIC is one of the divergent projects put into practice by BEU Technopark.


· to support innovative entrepreneurship
· to pave the way in order for the ecosystems significant for the development of high technology at BEU Technopark to get formed 
· to support country's resistant social economic improvement 
· to give support to the development of ICT
· to bolster enterprising youth to establish their own company
· to improve the entrepreneur approach


The purpose of this competition is to contribute to reveal innovative ideas in technology area. These fields are: start up ideas, mobile apps, Internet, program provision, games, service programs, corporative software, new business models, services, robotics, information technology and consumer electronics, information technologies for healthcare and so on.


  • To form internationally competitive companies able to play a role in the development of the country and the region;
  • To develop enterprising vision;
  • To provide corporatization of business ideas able to transform the product to money

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